In this episode Stephen interviews Daniel Dowling.

Daniel, "I'm a journalist who got his start from a broken heart. When my last relationship ended in suicidal thoughts, I knew I had to change. So I studied love, channelled my sexual desire into self-improvement, and shared my journey on sites around the web--which led to my career. Today I make a living through my purpose, and I coach others to do the same. "

Notes from this episode:

            In todays episode Stephen Dela Cruz interviews Dan Dowling a twenty seven year old writer based out of Albuquerque New Mexico. Dan’s is the current head writer of a state project aimed at finding, and keeping talented entrepreneurs in New Mexico. Dowling’s story starts in 2012 after a crushing heart break, recently out of the military and no tin college yet, he is dating rich older women to try and fill his purpose. After a few years of wallowing, he started to look at how his behavior in, and outside of relationships was affecting his life in a negative way. With Zig Ziglar as an inspiration he began to write about his journey, and how he started to turn his life around. Thinking of how he could take his life to the next level, he began writing more seriously, keeping a journal, and focusing on bettering himself.

            Today he considers himself an accountability coach, helping motivate, and keep people on the path to success. By working with people to set goals, motivating them to reach those goals, and hold his clients accountable, Dan hopes for full self accountability within three months. So what would Dan Dowling tell himself four years ago to get himself on the path he is on today? Set goals and keep yourself on task every single day, when you have a purpose you begin to build momentum, and start to feel better about yourself. As you begin to focus on the path you have set for yourself, time starts to pass more quickly, and before you know it you have become a completely different person.



-       set clear goals

-       change your circle of influence

-       work on yourself

-       personal development is the key to business development

-       hold yourself accountable.