Stephen interviews "The Gratitude Guy", Terry Josiah Sharpe:

Combat Veteran & CEO dedicates his life to one thing: inspiring the creation of social change in our world.

In 2014, TerryJosiah founded the Creative Agency MusicLifeChange to cultivate social revolutions through the Music, Education (Life), & Philanthropy (Change) – through the foundation and values of gratitude.

Born into an unstable family life, he quickly learned balance in a chaotic world; writing became paramount and music became an essential piece of his joy. He cultivated both; applying them to reach, connect and inspire like‐minded individuals.

At 18 years old, TerryJosiah turned his desire to create change into action when he enlisted into the United States Army six days after the terror attacks on 9/11. He served two tours in Iraq and was an integral member in the Battle of Fallujah.

After an honorable discharge in 2007, he attended UTEP where he studied music and creative writing. In 2010 he won College Songwriter of the Year (TX) and was the first college student to repeat the award in 2011. As recognition grew, multiple independent record labels approached him and he ultimately chose to sign with Above The Notes – where he was able to focus on writing and music creation behind the scenes.

He received his BA in both Music History and Creative Writing from the University of Texas at El Paso in 2012, and within two years founded MusicLifeChange. As a millennial visionary, he understands the need for spreading a positive message through new and innovative ways.

Show Notes

At 32 years old, becoming homeless was the last thing Terry would worry about, until it happened. That moment in his life where he was sleeping on couches or in his car, there was a mind shift. Rather than thinking that life was shitting on him and blaming others or moping, he found gratitude. At least he had a car to sleep in. At least he had a couch to sleep on. At least he was still  ALIVE! Terry’s complete mind shift has changed his life forever and now he shares his insight on living a life of gratitude, including some action steps you can start today! He is dedicated to helping others change their life through his Gratitude Ambassador Program, which will completely shift your perception forever. 



- How he became “The Gratitude Guy"

- At 32 years old he lost his house and was homeless for about three weeks. He was upset. In his car, bothers couch, or girlfriends parents house. He has kids and it was rough for him. 

- Gratitude showed him “how many homeless actually have a couch or car to sleep in?” 32 years old was the day he became the gratitude guy. Complete perspective shift. 

-We don’t recognize how many self inflicted wounds we create. 

- Everything that happens, either we learn from it or get upset from it. 

- Whatever is going wrong, he takes three deep breathes. Then thinks about losing it. Now he feels the optimism of having it. Does this three times a day with three different objects. 5 minutes each / 15 minutes a day

- You have to change your mindset and really look at the good things regardless of situation

- Gratitude is a decision you are going to have to make.

- As a person of gratitude, you are not immune to shit going wrong in your life. If you use gratitude as your foundation, then when life throws you a curve ball and tries to knock you down, you’re balanced.

- Quote: “If it’s not gonna effect you in five years, don’t spend more than five minutes on it.”

- Quote: “Gratitude is the trampoline that bounces you into happiness.”

- Quotes: "If I do something for me and someone recognizes it, its infectious"

- Quote: “Gratitude is the virtue that sustains the temperature of our happiness.”


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- Launching gratitude ambassador program April 28th 

- 60 day program to get on the track of “Finding Happiness."

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