In this episode Stephen interviews Brandon T. Adams.

Brandon T. Adams is the co-host and one of two executive producers of Ambitious Adventures,

a reality television program focused on the compelling stories of young entrepreneurs.

In addition to his television work, Brandon is a best-selling author and an entrepreneur through

and through. He currently owns a stake in a number of businesses including Live to Grind, the

Young Entrepreneur Convention, Accelerant Crowdfunding Consulting, Accelerant Public

Relations, Arctic Stick, and an ice distributorship that serves three states.


As founder and host of the Live to Grind podcast, a twice weekly program that shines the light

on successful entrepreneurs, Brandon regularly delivers his unique brand of passionate

motivation in his quest to impact 1 billion lives by the time he reaches 40 years old.

His work on the Live to Grind podcast inspired him to join with a group of other young, motivated

professionals to form the Young Entrepreneur Convention. In its first year, the event drew nearly

500 attendees and featured speakers including Kevin Harrington of TV’s “Shark Tank” and co-founder Jeff Hoffman.


Brandon has also earned the moniker of “King of Crowdfunding” for his work in establishing his

business Accelerant Crowdfunding Consulting (formerly Keys to the Crowd), a firm that consults

with clients launching products and services on crowdfunding platforms. Brandon and his

Accelerant Crowdfunding Consulting team have worked with high-profile clients like Harrington,

John Lee Dumas, Think Rich Films, and others to gain funding using the emerging method of

crowdfunding. Among the most notable raises steered by the team are a Top 10 all-time

crowdfunding for a book on Kickstarter (The Freedom Journal) and the top all-time docudrama

raise on Indiegogo (Think: The Legacy of Thing and Grow Rich).

Notes from this episode:

  • Met through snapchat (Find his snapchat)
  • Accelerator program (Research this) Which has boosted up Stegela. Three month program
  • Involved with Twins network marketing
  • Brandon got him to do Facebook lives and videos
  • They both know the Maddix’s
  • Grew up in a small town with 750 people
  • Father had an ice business in 1986
  • Watched his dad conduct business and go through the ups and downs and dealing with customers
  • Saw all the headaches of business
  • “One day I would take over that business”
  • “Im gonna buy my dad’s ice business.” as a kid
  • Bought the business three years ago and his dad manages it
  • Can sell ice to an eskimo
  • Read think and grow rich in college and that changed everything
  • His past didn’t matter
  • If I want anything in life, if I work my ass off I could get it
  • Make the decision to get what you want in life and surround yourself with genius’s (your mastermind group)
  • (Light bulb idea while delivering ice on a hot day. Gatorade got hot after 10 minutes. Putting ice in it is time consuming. Wanted something that lasts longer and gives more drink mix options) Arctic Stick (Research) didn’t make him a millionaire, no more than $100k. Learned everything from this. Marketing, bootstrap, and what not to do. Taught him so much that allowed him to make more money in other businesses. 
  • 2014 raised did a Kickstarter campaign and raised over $26g in 33 days. Realized how hard crowdfunding was a problem and was hard. Waned to solve that problem.
  • 2015 traveling and interviewing people for his podcast and writing a book on crowdfunding.
  • Helped John Lee Dumas raise 1/2 Million for his freedom journal.
  • Worked with Kevin Harrington and helped crowdfunding his book.
  • Crowdfunding “Think the Legacy” the docudrama of entrepreneurs that live their life from Think and grow rich
  • Raised $362k in a couple months. Largest crowdfunding campaign in history for a docudrama
  • $1.5 Million in the past year of crowdfunding
  • Kept going and connected with influencers. Help them make money. Help them first. If you wanna connect with billionaires, add value and work for them for free, make them money, and now you will eventually know their network
  • Become an influencer in your field. Become a person of value. 
  • Now they became a media company. “Ambitious Adventures” (Research)
  • Become your own media company. Become your own. 
  • If you don’t have a tribe, you need to create one. 
  • Accelerant magazine (Research) Accelerant PR now
  • Everything you do is about publicity.
  • You get to choose who you want to work with, and who you get paid
  • Mentors for him are Kevin Harrington, learned a lot from him
  • Kevin works his ass off and you NEED to become a person of influence. Previously built up other peoples brand
  • Opportunity only comes to influencers
  • John Lee Dumas is his mentor
  • Jeff Hoffman is his mentor
  • Accelerator Mastermind Program (Research) help people become influencers in their industry
  • Turning into seven figure business this year
  • Problem is people want it perfect. “if its gonna be perfect, you’re never gonna do it.”
  • THINK (Event) Research
  • Live to grind. live to grind dot com (book) (Audible)
  • You need to enjoy the journey
  • Best way to get ahold of Brandon is snapchat BTAdams
  • Entrepreneurs fail at building teams and not on the right boat
  • Look at your inner circle. Can you go to battle with them? Can you trust them with a million dollar deal? 
  • To become successful you need to build a team and focus on what I do know. whatever you can’t do, your team can do it. If you work in perfect harmony with a common goal, you can achieve anything