Success is a Mindset

Stephen dela Cruz is a truly successful and driven mentor. He is the founder of Stegela Success Mastery, a mastermind group that focuses its’ values on helping others to live successful and flourishing lives. In this episode Stephen talks about Success being a Mindset. Stephen talks about what it truly takes to be an entrepreneur and how to get past the doubts and fears of lack of growth in your business. Most importantly, he talks about, “Success is not a destination. It is a journey. Love the process. Love the journey."


- Stephen runs his mastermind group even other Tuesday

- Members are business people who want to make a change and gain massive success

- Name is Stegela Success Mastery Success Circle

- Currently 31 people in the group and family oriented

- People sometimes go through depression and their family is trying to kill their dream. Everyone is doubting them

- Stephen and Angela have felt feelings of doubt and have questioned themselves and their capabilities

- Everyone see the success and nice things, but doesn’t see the journey

- Stephen and Angela have felt the same way and even came close to divorce because of the struggles

- Everyone sees them as a power couple, but there is always a struggle

- Entrepreneurship is an up and down roller coaster and people start to question if they are meant to do what they are doing

- People think entrepreneurship is sexy and full of freedom right form the start, until reality kicks in and the bills start coming in

- Entrepreneurship is more than a fantasy of lavish life and time freedom

- We don’t sleep in. We sleep later and wake up earlier just so we can get back on the grind to achieve our goals and dreams

- Success is not automatic.

- Entrepreneurship is the same with everyone; “I’m not this, not that, I’m not moving fast enough.” 

- Entrepreneurship requires you to recognize insanity. “Doing something over and over again expecting different results.”

- Sometimes you need to change things around and find what works best. That’s when coaching comes into play.

- There is also a level of patience and endurance sometimes

- Sometimes people aren’t working on right activities, not trusting the process, and not listening to coaching advice

- Being unwilling to learn more and be humble and face reality, you will never grow as truly reach success. 

- If you have shoes, an iPod, etc you are apart of the top 1% Richest people in the world.

- Success is a mindset. It’s a decision you make in your mind. “You know what, I am successful.”

- What process are you going through?

- What journey are you going through? 

- Get wise council about your business/idea and adjustments must be made sometimes.

- You and I have to have the mentality of success so we are ready and able to take advice, to keep on fighting, and to not give up.


- “We become entrepreneurs to stop working 40 hours for someone else, just so we can work 90 hours working for ourselves. Our own dreams.”

- “Entrepreneurs jump off the cliff and build the plane on the way down.”

- "You can’t call yourself and entrepreneur unless you are ready to take risks.”

- “Entrepreneurship is not a destination. It is a journey. A process. True entrepreneurs Constantly growing and always want more. Not greediness, but more of the abundance thinking.”

- “If the business is not building you, then you are not building a business.”

- "Entrepreneurship and success is all about personal development and growing you as a person.”

- "If you an entrepreneur, understand. It is not a destination of success. It is a journey of success. You must love the journey. You must love the process.”

- “I’m going to hustle hard, get mentorship from wise council, etc in the mindset of success."

- “When you make the ‘I am successful’ commitment, you start to see things with a whole new mindset.”