In this episode we do this a little different, we have a "table talk" about network marketing. Join Stephen Dela Cruz, Dave "Shades" Evans, Steve Meim, and Casey Nicole Fox for this conversation!

Summary of this episode

            In today episode guests, Casey Nicole Fox, Dave “Shades” Evans, and Steve Meim talk about the benefits and the downfalls of network marketing. Casey Nicole Fox was introduced to network marketing around two years ago, and believes if you’re going to be successful you at least need to be passionate about the product. Steve Meim Has had a couple of different experiences with network marketing, one was basically illegal, and the second was in financial services. Both companies he didn’t feel any passion for. Dave Evans had joined Amway Corp. at nineteen years old, bought all the education, books and training, but never applied the knowledge.

            Understanding that network marketing is more of a stepping-stone, instead of being a full fledge business plan is a key point to this episode. Stephen Dela Cruz believes there is nothing wrong with network marketing, other then the fact people with so much potential get stuck making money for others. A great way to think of network marketing is to think of the gold rush. The people who made the most money, were the ones who sold the tools to the miners. In the same way network-marketing companies sell you the tools to become a good entrepreneur, while you still make money for their company. Although network marketing may be exciting promising you control of your own destiny, remember you are only a sales person. Even if you are very motivated, and a wonderful sales person, you have to consider after the warm market runs out you have to commit to digging for the cold market as well.  That’s why so many people either fall off of their network marketing, or jump from marketing company to marketing company.

            Networking comes from generosity, while network marketing throws generosity in your face.



-       network marketing is not business ownership

-       if you want to be successful network marketing wont get you there easily

-       most people fall off network marketing

-       network marketing is used in correctly

-       just because the big wigs agree with it doesn’t mean they are involved

-       is it really smart to pick up the scraps of money that you made someone else?