Stephen Dela Cruz is an author, speaker and serial entrepreneur who specializes in helping budding entrepreneurs double their income in their first year.

As a college student, Stephen’s first entrepreneurial venture was a photography business that he built to multiple six figures in under a year. Soon, he went on to launch several other successful companies, each of which reached over a million dollars in revenue.

When he was 28 years old, Stephen had a stroke. His stressful lifestyle finally caught up with him. He realized he wanted to leave his family with more than just money, and he committed to building a legacy.

Today, Stephen is passionate about paying his knowledge forward to those just starting out.

His new book, Entrepreneursh*t is a practical guide for new entrepreneurs looking to build a business while also making a difference in the world. Chock full of strategies around time and money management as well as other essential ingredients to building a successful business, the book is designed to help entrepreneurs soar.