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With practicality and detail, Stephen provides tools that assist entrepreneurs in their efforts to overcome each and every one of these barriers.
— Caleb & Matt Maddix, From Foreword

Are you an entrepreneur?
In today's world, everyone is.

You just got laid off? You're an entrepreneur.  You just quit your job? You're an entrepreneur.  Do you own a point-and-shoot camera? You're an entrepreneur.  Did you sign up for an MLM at a friend's house meeting? You're an entrepreneur.  Do your parents pay you to do chores? You're an entrepreneur. Do you babysit kids?  Walk dogs?  You're an entrepreneur! 

I have attended so many networking events and I have met so many people who call themselves entrepreneurs; but very few of them are even remotely successful. Statistics shows that only once out of every ten businesses succeed. Just because you call yourself an entrepreneur, does not mean that you are successful.

This book will help you to discover and address the four barriers that keep entrepreneurs from achieving massive success! This book will help you to move forward in your pursuit of success as an entrepreneur. If you are 'okay' with just being mediocre, then just pass this book on-by. But, if you are ready to take massive action in your business as well as in your life, in order to see and achieve massive success--then you can not afford to miss this life-changing content!

This book is meant to help entrepreneurs become massively successful! Too many entrepreneurs are missing the fundamental things that make business flourish! These are the four barriers that hold entrepreneurs back from massive success! Let's break through those barriers together!

Amazon Best Selling Book

Amazon Best Selling Book