ST 38 : Stephen Interviews Nicholas Bayerle

In this episode Stephen Interviews Nicholas Bayerle about his EPIC upcoming event!

In this episode Stephen Interviews Nicholas Bayerle about his EPIC upcoming event!

Nicholas Bayerle is the CEO of The Billion Dollar Body, where they help men reach their ultimate state of health, power, and confidence. Nicholas is an international speaker, coach, and was rated top 30 under 30 influencers. He has coached some of the top male CEOs and is passionate about seeing men prosper is health, business and relationships. Nicholas is also a contributor to Influencive and Thrive Global. Check out his event:



ST35 : Stephen Interviews Melanie Deziel

podcast interview MDeziel.png

Melanie Deziel is an award-winning branded content strategist and consultant, and the founder of The Overlap League native ad newsletter. She is on the board of the Native Advertising Institute and travels the world teaching branded content strategy, best practices, and growth strategies to content creators, marketers and brands. Melanie was the first editor of branded content at The New York Times where she wrote the “Women Inmates” piece for Netflix, which won the OMMA for Best Native Advertising in 2014, and the "Grit & Grace" piece for Cole Haan that won the same award in 2015. She has also done content strategy work for Time Inc's 35+ US magazines, the Huffington Post, and a number of other publishers and brands. As an Expert in Residence with BRaVe Ventures, she offered content strategy consulting, training and advisory to Turner, Viacom, and other major media companies. Learn more about Melanie at

The Overlap League: It's a biweekly dispatch of the latest news, recent branded content examples, resources and open jobs designed to help those working in brand storytelling stay informed.



ST34 : Stephen Interviews Dave DiVerniero

In this episode Stephen interviews Dave DiVerniero.

Dave has been a producer and editor of TV, Film and Video for over a decade. He has worked on doc style TV (No Reservations, Hell's Kitchen, Mythbusters, etc), award winning films (Paramos: Water for Life, To Dad, Field Chronicles: Chingaza) as well as broadcast ads and promotional materials for some of the biggest brands in the world (Audi, Long and Foster, Facebook, etc). He is currently the Executive Producer of Black Chip Collective, which provides video staffing services nationally as well as fully managed productions in SoCal.


Black Chip Collective is the staffing service:

and Black Chip Studios is the production division:



ST32 : Stephen Interviews Ryan McMunn

In this episode Stephen interviews Ryan McMunn.

Ryan McMunn
Founder & CEO | BRIC Language Systems

Ryan McMunn is Founder and CEO of BRIC Language Systems, an innovative web-based language acquisition program. As the former President of Asian Operations at a leading U.S. manufacturing firm, McMunn has long understood the importance of learning the native language of his Chinese colleagues.

Over the course of several years, he attempted numerous times to learn Mandarin. His attempts included private tutoring sessions, group classes, and virtually every other language training method available. He eventually found success with a program, taught by Kassey Wong, in Shanghai that utilized a unique teaching method specific to Mandarin.

Recognizing that the use of language-specific learning techniques is essential to grasping any new language, McMunn along with Kassey Wong, founded BRIC Language Systems to teach Mandarin in 2011 and have since developed Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish courses taught by teachers in Brazil and Mexico.

“It’s quite simple actually,” Ryan stated. “The mechanics of learning Mandarin Chinese are completely different from the way you should learn Brazilian Portuguese, for example. If you apply the same teaching methods to both, you are almost certain to fail.”

The BRIC Language Method is based on three key components: cultural immersion with native speaking teachers in location, exclusively developed interactive learning content, and customization to each students interests. McMunn and Wong ascertained that not every teaching approach should be built upon the European language model (as most other programs are), and with that, they designed a technology-based program that facilitates an interactive method proven to effectively harness both teacher and student.

The BRIC Language method encompasses cross-cultural training, personal and business applications and real-life social exercises, along with live online teachers accessible from anywhere in the world.

“Without the proper language skills, performing quality control and partaking in social and environmental aspects of my job were difficult at best. I never would have been promoted beyond my entry-level position in China had I not learned the native language,” stated McMunn, who was only 29 when he became GM of China Operations at his company.

With plans to add new languages to the blackboard including Russian, Japanese, and Arabic, McMunn has already more than cut the learning curve in half for those looking to advance their language skills and cultural knowledge of China and Brazil, two of the world’s fastest growing economies.



ST31 : Stephen Interviews Daniel Dowling

In this episode Stephen interviews Daniel Dowling.

Daniel, "I'm a journalist who got his start from a broken heart. When my last relationship ended in suicidal thoughts, I knew I had to change. So I studied love, channelled my sexual desire into self-improvement, and shared my journey on sites around the web--which led to my career. Today I make a living through my purpose, and I coach others to do the same. "

Notes from this episode:

To come...



ST30 : Stephen Interviews Tim Denning

In this episode Stephen interviews Tim Denning:

Tim Denning
Entrepreneur, Blogger, Writer, Coach

Tim is best known as a long-time contributor on the Entrepreneurship and Personal Development website Addicted2Success. Tim's content has been shared hundreds of thousands of times and he has written multiple viral posts on social media all around success, personal development, motivation, and entrepreneurship. During the day Tim works with the most iconic tech companies in the world, as an adviser, to assist them in expanding into Australia. By night, Tim coaches his students on the principles of personal development and the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. Tim's biggest inspiration is Tony Robbins and his goal in life is to show people that anybody can achieve the impossible!


Tim Denning’s family has always pushed him and his brother towards entrepreneurship and always said, “Don’t work for anyone.” Starting at the age of 16, he and his brother started seven businesses, which all of them failed. While still having a career in finance, he felt he was at a low point in his life and was disappointed that his life wasn’t going anywhere, which led his to discover Tony Robbins. His life was completely changed from that point forward. Working through his limiting beliefs about his writing skills, Tim now writes for and has articles that have over over 100 thousand shares. Join us as Tim shares his 10 year vision for himself, advice for those at a low point in their lives, and his FREE eBook to grow yourself, mindset, business, and personal brand. Grab a pen and paper, because you definitely will want to take notes.



- From Australia

- 30 years old. 

- Started entrepreneurship at 16 years old. 

- Started several businesses that failed and found something that worked for him that lasted for five years

- Worked with his brother and realized he didn’t like it. 

- Found a career in finance

- Now assists companies who are looking to work closely with the government.

- Main hobby is blogging, for and and a few others. All on personal development and entreprenerushuop

- Used to be a negative person and thought he wasn’t going to achieve much

- Five years ago was at his low point and then discovered Tony Robbins which changed his life. Then discovered addicted2success. com and then met Joel Brown.

- Prior to Joel he didn’t think he was very good of a writer. then Joel challenged him. His article had over 80 thousand shares and still gets thousands of shares today 

- “Am I good enough to actually do this?” “Im a little fearful but lets have a crack at it. and then it just got better and better.”

- "Don’t worry if you’re not amazing. Just get started and have a go at it. You’ll be surprised how quickly you pick it up.”

- “The 14 ways that I completely changed my life” - BLOG (

- Growth and contribution is essential to growing

*10 years from now

- Still doing what he is doing now, but on a much bigger scale. 

- Member of toast masters in Australia.

- Book deals

- Courses and videos

- Inspire the world through entrepreneurship and personal development

*For someone who is at their lowest point towards suicide, his message to that person would be:

- “A Message to Those Who Are Struggling” - BLOG (

- You can’t be successful unless you fix your inner world

- Really being honest with yourself and figure out whats holding you back

- You need to take a good look at your friends and get people around you who are going to bring you up and give you the tools that you need.

- If you are in a remote area or an introvert, use books to educate yourself and build you up and those are the tools needed.

- Get momentum in your knowledge and head

- Big follower of Tony Robbins

- youtube videos

- Find materials that are telling you the opposite of your limited thinking

- Went to meet ups and met other entrepreneurs. Which gets you out of the thoughts of being a failure.

- Making the decision to make a change starts with a vision

- Say to yourself for 15 minutes “I love myself” and it gets embedded into your head and being


- Started exploring public speaking and speaking engagements

- You can’t stay behind the computer your entire life. 

- You have to get out there and do public speaking, make some videos, put yourself out there and be vulnerable

- Yes it will be hard, nobody is perfect. 

- Video Advice - Don’t worry about editing it or anything.

- Its not about being perfect. Its about being you and being raw. 

- She people think they’re not good enough and not worthy. Pretend you’re already there. Its all a matter of how you think. 

- Dont wait for something to happen, go out and make it happen yourself. Believe you’re an amazing public speaker even if you’re not. During that process because you have the belief, you will start two build your skills and confidence

*Advice to self knowing what he knows now

- Compromise and sacrifice

- Many times people have a list of things that they want and say, “That’s it, if I don’t get what I want, then I am not going to get involved or not gonna do it."

- You have to ask yourself the question: “Are you prepared to sacrifice or do you just want to be comfortable and hang out with your friends or do you want to be disciplined and actually try and not always have things the way you want it. With those two concepts, you can achieve anything.” 

*eBook (Free eBook)

- “How to Become a Game Changing Influencer Online and Inspire Millions.” 

- Message to everybody who wants impact and success

- To inspire others

- How he got on addicted 2 success and met Joel Brown

- Many people think they don’t have any value to share, but they really do, so he helps them discover that. 

- What is your passion and create a brand or website around that

- How to set up a website and the things you’ll need to get yourself out there and how to utilize social media.

- Don’t Talking about personal brand and networking because it sounds like its all about you

- People wanna know what is in it for them



Connect with Tim Denning and get free eBook (

Find Tim Denning on Youtube (

BLOG - “14 Ways I Completely Changed my Life, and So Can You” (Over 80 thousand shares) (

BLOG - “A Message to Those Who Are Struggling” (



ST29 : Stephen - Success Is A Mindset

Success is a Mindset

Stephen dela Cruz is a truly successful and driven mentor. He is the founder of Stegela Success Mastery, a mastermind group that focuses its’ values on helping others to live successful and flourishing lives. In this episode Stephen talks about Success being a Mindset. Stephen talks about what it truly takes to be an entrepreneur and how to get past the doubts and fears of lack of growth in your business. Most importantly, he talks about, “Success is not a destination. It is a journey. Love the process. Love the journey."


- Stephen runs his mastermind group even other Tuesday

- Members are business people who want to make a change and gain massive success

- Name is Stegela Success Mastery Success Circle

- Currently 31 people in the group and family oriented

- People sometimes go through depression and their family is trying to kill their dream. Everyone is doubting them

- Stephen and Angela have felt feelings of doubt and have questioned themselves and their capabilities

- Everyone see the success and nice things, but doesn’t see the journey

- Stephen and Angela have felt the same way and even came close to divorce because of the struggles

- Everyone sees them as a power couple, but there is always a struggle

- Entrepreneurship is an up and down roller coaster and people start to question if they are meant to do what they are doing

- People think entrepreneurship is sexy and full of freedom right form the start, until reality kicks in and the bills start coming in

- Entrepreneurship is more than a fantasy of lavish life and time freedom

- We don’t sleep in. We sleep later and wake up earlier just so we can get back on the grind to achieve our goals and dreams

- Success is not automatic.

- Entrepreneurship is the same with everyone; “I’m not this, not that, I’m not moving fast enough.” 

- Entrepreneurship requires you to recognize insanity. “Doing something over and over again expecting different results.”

- Sometimes you need to change things around and find what works best. That’s when coaching comes into play.

- There is also a level of patience and endurance sometimes

- Sometimes people aren’t working on right activities, not trusting the process, and not listening to coaching advice

- Being unwilling to learn more and be humble and face reality, you will never grow as truly reach success. 

- If you have shoes, an iPod, etc you are apart of the top 1% Richest people in the world.

- Success is a mindset. It’s a decision you make in your mind. “You know what, I am successful.”

- What process are you going through?

- What journey are you going through? 

- Get wise council about your business/idea and adjustments must be made sometimes.

- You and I have to have the mentality of success so we are ready and able to take advice, to keep on fighting, and to not give up.


- “We become entrepreneurs to stop working 40 hours for someone else, just so we can work 90 hours working for ourselves. Our own dreams.”

- “Entrepreneurs jump off the cliff and build the plane on the way down.”

- "You can’t call yourself and entrepreneur unless you are ready to take risks.”

- “Entrepreneurship is not a destination. It is a journey. A process. True entrepreneurs Constantly growing and always want more. Not greediness, but more of the abundance thinking.”

- “If the business is not building you, then you are not building a business.”

- "Entrepreneurship and success is all about personal development and growing you as a person.”

- "If you an entrepreneur, understand. It is not a destination of success. It is a journey of success. You must love the journey. You must love the process.”

- “I’m going to hustle hard, get mentorship from wise council, etc in the mindset of success."

- “When you make the ‘I am successful’ commitment, you start to see things with a whole new mindset.”



ST28 : Stephen Interviews Andria Shultz

In this episode Stephen interviews Andria Schultz:

Andria Schultz is the CEO/Founder of Network Smart where she is interviewing Celebrities, executives, and professionals behind the scenes teaching Millennials how to get into the Entertainment Industry. She has worked for the following Television shows:Your Family Matters, America’s Funniest Home Videos, The Real Daytime, and Disney Channel’s: Bizaardvark. Being a woman in the Entertainment Industry has been one of the most challenging adventures she’s ever encountered, but it has made her who she is today. Andria’s goal is to inspire people of all ages to go for their dreams and not be afraid of rejection.

Andria is the Co-Author of a #1 best seller on Amazon called Passionista’s: Tales, Tips, & Tweetables, which has been featured on Huffington Post. She was recently interviewed on the Women of Influence Podcast with host Erika De La Cruz & She has recently been on SUE Talk where she talked about how she utilized her Confidence to get into the Entertainment Industry.

Summary: Andria Schultz has had a passion for the entertainment industry since she was 8 years old when she approached Sherry Lansing (Extreme Makeover) who would become her mentor two years later. From that point forward, Andria has pushed her passion and career upwards with multiple opportunities working with Disney, Paramount Pictures, Fox, NCIS, and many more. Now Andria teaches millennials how to break into the entertainment industry and how to build a network that has value and purpose to your passion. Join us as Andria shares her story on how she became one of the most influential women in the entertainment industry and how she can help you! 


- Andria is outside the box thinking in the education realm

- Goal to be CO of Disney

- Helps entrepreneurs break into the entertainment industry

- Quote: "If you don’t know what you want to become, how are people going to take you seriously"

- Been fascinated with the entertainment industry since 8 years old.

- Age 8 went to the church and met Constance Ramos (Extreme Makeover) and learned rejection at an early age from her. “Come back in a few years"

- When someone says no, “comeback with fire.”

- 2 years later went up to the same person and was taken in as a mentee. “Now you are ready."

- Learned how to build her network and find the right mentor and find the right jobs because of Constance Ramos

- Worked with multiple companies including Americas Funniest Home Videos, NCIS, Warner bros, Disney Channel, etc because of her mentor. 

- Received a great deal of experience on the business side working within the film industry. 

- Program called “Network Smart with Andria Schultz"

- Wake up call was while working for Disney. “If I became the CO of Disney, would I be completely satisfied. Took a vacation to Canada to rediscover herself and what she wanted to truly do."

- That’s when she discovered her passion for helping people. 

- Why not teach others how to talk to celebrities and professionals the way she does

- Helps people figure out what they want to do and then help with them get there.

- Grew up with an entrepreneur mindset since 8. Would go door knocking and hand out business pamphlets to teach kids to type on computers

- Had her own tv show “Your Family Matters” at 21 years old

- Wanted to emulate Sherry Lansing CEO of Paramount Pictures and Fox

- Always been in love with the movie making process

- Tom Bergeron, one of her mentors. Pushed her to be more in front of the camera to host. Now she is interviewing celebrities and professionals behind the scenes.

- If you know and understand every job in production, you are much more valuable to the industry

- Learned more networking skills from Constance Ramos that “All you gotta do is ask.” 

- Bold enough to ask for a job at Disney. Ended up going on sets and learned how to communicate effectively with other people. 

- Learned how to build relationships and bring value to the relationships.

- Sometimes life carries you on a path you weren’t expecting to take. Sometimes there's a lesson in there that's needed to be learned though.

- Biggest Tip: “Don’t be afraid of rejection.”

- In hollywood youre gonna get rejected a lot. Ask them specifically “what do you want?” And they will tell you.


Contact Info: If you are looking to get into the entertainment industry and build your OWN network, She can help. 

Personal Website


Interview with We Rule



ST27 : Stephen Interviews Terry Josiah Sharpe

Stephen interviews "The Gratitude Guy", Terry Josiah Sharpe:

Combat Veteran & CEO dedicates his life to one thing: inspiring the creation of social change in our world.

In 2014, TerryJosiah founded the Creative Agency MusicLifeChange to cultivate social revolutions through the Music, Education (Life), & Philanthropy (Change) – through the foundation and values of gratitude.

Born into an unstable family life, he quickly learned balance in a chaotic world; writing became paramount and music became an essential piece of his joy. He cultivated both; applying them to reach, connect and inspire like‐minded individuals.

At 18 years old, TerryJosiah turned his desire to create change into action when he enlisted into the United States Army six days after the terror attacks on 9/11. He served two tours in Iraq and was an integral member in the Battle of Fallujah.

After an honorable discharge in 2007, he attended UTEP where he studied music and creative writing. In 2010 he won College Songwriter of the Year (TX) and was the first college student to repeat the award in 2011. As recognition grew, multiple independent record labels approached him and he ultimately chose to sign with Above The Notes – where he was able to focus on writing and music creation behind the scenes.

He received his BA in both Music History and Creative Writing from the University of Texas at El Paso in 2012, and within two years founded MusicLifeChange. As a millennial visionary, he understands the need for spreading a positive message through new and innovative ways.

Show Notes

At 32 years old, becoming homeless was the last thing Terry would worry about, until it happened. That moment in his life where he was sleeping on couches or in his car, there was a mind shift. Rather than thinking that life was shitting on him and blaming others or moping, he found gratitude. At least he had a car to sleep in. At least he had a couch to sleep on. At least he was still  ALIVE! Terry’s complete mind shift has changed his life forever and now he shares his insight on living a life of gratitude, including some action steps you can start today! He is dedicated to helping others change their life through his Gratitude Ambassador Program, which will completely shift your perception forever. 



- How he became “The Gratitude Guy"

- At 32 years old he lost his house and was homeless for about three weeks. He was upset. In his car, bothers couch, or girlfriends parents house. He has kids and it was rough for him. 

- Gratitude showed him “how many homeless actually have a couch or car to sleep in?” 32 years old was the day he became the gratitude guy. Complete perspective shift. 

-We don’t recognize how many self inflicted wounds we create. 

- Everything that happens, either we learn from it or get upset from it. 

- Whatever is going wrong, he takes three deep breathes. Then thinks about losing it. Now he feels the optimism of having it. Does this three times a day with three different objects. 5 minutes each / 15 minutes a day

- You have to change your mindset and really look at the good things regardless of situation

- Gratitude is a decision you are going to have to make.

- As a person of gratitude, you are not immune to shit going wrong in your life. If you use gratitude as your foundation, then when life throws you a curve ball and tries to knock you down, you’re balanced.

- Quote: “If it’s not gonna effect you in five years, don’t spend more than five minutes on it.”

- Quote: “Gratitude is the trampoline that bounces you into happiness.”

- Quotes: "If I do something for me and someone recognizes it, its infectious"

- Quote: “Gratitude is the virtue that sustains the temperature of our happiness.”


Promotions ——> The gratitude revolution. 

- Launching gratitude ambassador program April 28th 

- 60 day program to get on the track of “Finding Happiness."

- Turn your gratitude on autopilot

- Scholarship Opportunities 

- "Gratitude Song", translated in multiple languages. 

- Gratitude guy/gal shirts

- Upcoming event to help 50 under privileged males learn entrepreneurship and business





ST26 : Stephen Interviews Brandon T. Adams

In this episode Stephen interviews Brandon T. Adams.

Brandon T. Adams is the co-host and one of two executive producers of Ambitious Adventures,

a reality television program focused on the compelling stories of young entrepreneurs.

In addition to his television work, Brandon is a best-selling author and an entrepreneur through

and through. He currently owns a stake in a number of businesses including Live to Grind, the

Young Entrepreneur Convention, Accelerant Crowdfunding Consulting, Accelerant Public

Relations, Arctic Stick, and an ice distributorship that serves three states.


As founder and host of the Live to Grind podcast, a twice weekly program that shines the light

on successful entrepreneurs, Brandon regularly delivers his unique brand of passionate

motivation in his quest to impact 1 billion lives by the time he reaches 40 years old.

His work on the Live to Grind podcast inspired him to join with a group of other young, motivated

professionals to form the Young Entrepreneur Convention. In its first year, the event drew nearly

500 attendees and featured speakers including Kevin Harrington of TV’s “Shark Tank” and co-founder Jeff Hoffman.


Brandon has also earned the moniker of “King of Crowdfunding” for his work in establishing his

business Accelerant Crowdfunding Consulting (formerly Keys to the Crowd), a firm that consults

with clients launching products and services on crowdfunding platforms. Brandon and his

Accelerant Crowdfunding Consulting team have worked with high-profile clients like Harrington,

John Lee Dumas, Think Rich Films, and others to gain funding using the emerging method of

crowdfunding. Among the most notable raises steered by the team are a Top 10 all-time

crowdfunding for a book on Kickstarter (The Freedom Journal) and the top all-time docudrama

raise on Indiegogo (Think: The Legacy of Thing and Grow Rich).

Notes from this episode:

  • Met through snapchat (Find his snapchat)
  • Accelerator program (Research this) Which has boosted up Stegela. Three month program
  • Involved with Twins network marketing
  • Brandon got him to do Facebook lives and videos
  • They both know the Maddix’s
  • Grew up in a small town with 750 people
  • Father had an ice business in 1986
  • Watched his dad conduct business and go through the ups and downs and dealing with customers
  • Saw all the headaches of business
  • “One day I would take over that business”
  • “Im gonna buy my dad’s ice business.” as a kid
  • Bought the business three years ago and his dad manages it
  • Can sell ice to an eskimo
  • Read think and grow rich in college and that changed everything
  • His past didn’t matter
  • If I want anything in life, if I work my ass off I could get it
  • Make the decision to get what you want in life and surround yourself with genius’s (your mastermind group)
  • (Light bulb idea while delivering ice on a hot day. Gatorade got hot after 10 minutes. Putting ice in it is time consuming. Wanted something that lasts longer and gives more drink mix options) Arctic Stick (Research) didn’t make him a millionaire, no more than $100k. Learned everything from this. Marketing, bootstrap, and what not to do. Taught him so much that allowed him to make more money in other businesses. 
  • 2014 raised did a Kickstarter campaign and raised over $26g in 33 days. Realized how hard crowdfunding was a problem and was hard. Waned to solve that problem.
  • 2015 traveling and interviewing people for his podcast and writing a book on crowdfunding.
  • Helped John Lee Dumas raise 1/2 Million for his freedom journal.
  • Worked with Kevin Harrington and helped crowdfunding his book.
  • Crowdfunding “Think the Legacy” the docudrama of entrepreneurs that live their life from Think and grow rich
  • Raised $362k in a couple months. Largest crowdfunding campaign in history for a docudrama
  • $1.5 Million in the past year of crowdfunding
  • Kept going and connected with influencers. Help them make money. Help them first. If you wanna connect with billionaires, add value and work for them for free, make them money, and now you will eventually know their network
  • Become an influencer in your field. Become a person of value. 
  • Now they became a media company. “Ambitious Adventures” (Research)
  • Become your own media company. Become your own. 
  • If you don’t have a tribe, you need to create one. 
  • Accelerant magazine (Research) Accelerant PR now
  • Everything you do is about publicity.
  • You get to choose who you want to work with, and who you get paid
  • Mentors for him are Kevin Harrington, learned a lot from him
  • Kevin works his ass off and you NEED to become a person of influence. Previously built up other peoples brand
  • Opportunity only comes to influencers
  • John Lee Dumas is his mentor
  • Jeff Hoffman is his mentor
  • Accelerator Mastermind Program (Research) help people become influencers in their industry
  • Turning into seven figure business this year
  • Problem is people want it perfect. “if its gonna be perfect, you’re never gonna do it.”
  • THINK (Event) Research
  • Live to grind. live to grind dot com (book) (Audible)
  • You need to enjoy the journey
  • Best way to get ahold of Brandon is snapchat BTAdams
  • Entrepreneurs fail at building teams and not on the right boat
  • Look at your inner circle. Can you go to battle with them? Can you trust them with a million dollar deal? 
  • To become successful you need to build a team and focus on what I do know. whatever you can’t do, your team can do it. If you work in perfect harmony with a common goal, you can achieve anything





ST24 : Casey Interviews Stephen

In this episode Casey interviews Stephen Dela Cruz, creator of Stegela Success Mastery. 

Stephen Dela Cruz is an author, speaker and serial entrepreneur who specializes in helping budding entrepreneurs double their income in their first year.

As a college student, Stephen’s first entrepreneurial venture was a photography business that he built to multiple six figures in under a year. Soon, he went on to launch several other successful companies, each of which reached over a million dollars in revenue.

When he was 28 years old, Stephen had a stroke. His stressful lifestyle finally caught up with him. He realized he wanted to leave his family with more than just money, and he committed to building a legacy.

Today, Stephen is passionate about paying his knowledge forward to those just starting out.
To learn more, go to: 

Text the word "successful" to the number 76626

Stephens number is 858-333-1534

Notes from this episode:

  • Started as a book club out of Casey's apartment.
  • Feb 2015, Stephen had a stroke.
  • Jim Rohn, Dale Carnegie, etc, left an impact on the world.
  • Mission: Fulfilled. Successful. Flourishing.
  • Online school - you have your own coach to go through it with you.
  • Wants to be a mix between The Landmark Forum, Tony Robbins, and Robert Kiyosaki
  • "You have to look at life with abundance."
  • "How can I afford it vs I can't afford."
  • "Success is not taught, it's caught."
  • Get involved.
  • You have to be true to your word.
  • "how?"
  • Are you worth it?
  • If nothing changes - nothing changes.
  • Text Stephen at 858-333-1534
  • Text the word "Successful" to the number 76626



ST23 : Stephen Interviews Tamara Thompson

In this episode Stephen interviews Tamara Thompson:

Tamara Thompson is an award winning documentary filmmaker & director who has found her niche with inspiring storytelling through high quality video production. She is passionate about golf, sailing, storyboarding, building relationships, and directing documentary films that inspire. She’s produced for corporate clients such as Microsoft and Starbucks. Tamara left the corporate world knowing she wanted to become her own boss. Now the CEO of Serious Take Productions, a premium level video production company that specializes in telling stories effectively for successful brands. At Serious Take Productions they work hard to connect, create and inspire through branding & speaker trailers and high end event production.


Notes from this episode:

  • Started her own production company in 2012
  • Create. Connect. Inspire.
  • Based out of SoCal, moved it from Washington 
  • Used to create funny videos as a kid and then created silly youtube videos when youtube came out.
  • Went to school for Digital Film Making.
  • Her mother was an entrepreneur.
  • She learned from mentors, fell, and kept going.
  • She has been 6 years sober.
  • Her biggest turning point was coming out of that.
  • Her second biggest turning point was her documentary.
  • When she looked at herself as an entrepreneur instead of as a free-lancer, it all changed for her.
  • Keep creating epic work to films.
  • Her advice to her younger self would be "Keep being persistent. Keep taking massive action. Keep being stubborn. It pays off."
  • She wouldn't change anything, because it made her who she is today.
  • She is driven to build her dreams but is still creative.
  • Find someone who will compliment you, build your team.
  • "It's good to have someone to keep you accountable."
  • You have to be a good listener.
  • Being consistent.
  • Get a mentor to turn your passion into a business.
  • "If you don't have sales, you don't have a business."
  • "Ask for help in the beginning. A lot of business fail within the first 2 years."
  • Launching a 4k iPhone course
  • Teaches traffic and marketing as well - Launching in March



ST22 : Stephen Interviews Angel L. Rivera

Angel L. Rivera, originally from the north west side of Chicago, IL found his way to San Diego via the United States Navy. After serving 4yrs and at the age of 21 he and his wife began a new career spaning 14 yrs in the entertainment, studio and promotional business. After successfully launching 3 dance studios, entertainment co. and a dance / music festival, He decided to to move on, sell and begin a new career in business consulting and personal development.

Angel is now an author, public speaker, podcaster, coach, father, husband and the Founder of InspireToWin, a haven for personal motivation, inspiration and leadership development. Angel powerfully inspires, motivates and leads others into their greatness, max potential and purpose on a daily basis. His passion is to motivate and lead emerging entrepreneurs, existing business owners, and anyone who is hungry and ready to experience break through in their lives physically, emotionally and financially.

You can learn more about Angel and services by visiting:


Notes from this episode:

  • From Chicago, barely graduated, so he joined the Navy to get out of his gang infested neighborhood.
  • He got into Salsa and met his wife.
  • Opened first dance school in 2002.
  • They sold their schools after they started Network Marketing.
  • Now he does coaching and helps people find their vision.
  • Does coaching through Skype.
  • Inspire To Win is about reinventing yourself.
  • People live based on their past.
  • He knew how to seek help, thats how he got through the rough times.
  • Free ebook
  • Get Think & Grow Rich
  • "Embrace the struggle" "You start with a dream, your not going to get to the victory without going through the struggle."



ST21 : Stephen Interviews Nicholas Bayerle

In this episode Stephen Dela Cruz interviews Nicholas Bayerle. Nicholas Bayerle is the CEO of The Billion Dollar Body, where they help men reach their ultimate state of health, power, and confidence. Nicholas is an international speaker, coach, and was rated top 30 under 30 influencers. He has coached some of the top male CEOs and is passionate about seeing men prosper is health, business and relationships. Nicholas is also a contributor to Influencive and Thrive Global.

Notes from this episode:

  • Nicholas is top 30 under 30
  • His dad was always a business owner.
  • He started a lawn mowing service at 12.
  • Started this business in 2012
  • "It's not about how you look, it's about you expressing who are on the outside, matching you are on the inside."
  • "It's not the eating healthy that I like, it's the results I get."
  • "If you're just focusing on what's in front of you all the time, you don't really know where your end destination going be."



ST20 : Stephen - Pay Them To Torture Me

In this episode Stephen talks about the two people that he is paying to torture him. He wants to give a shout out to Tulane and Tai who have helped him out. He talks about the importance of getting with a coach for accountability. Reach out to Tulane here: and her number is 619-436-6744 To reach out to Stephen, contact him at and his number is 858-333-1534 To get more info about our school or Stephens new book, follow this link to get your free download of the first chapter of his book!


Notes from this episode:

  • 858-333-1534
  • Stephen is over weight
  • Tulane Rivera:
    • 619-436-6744
  • Tia:
  • It's torture because he isn't used to working out and eating healthy.
  • "Change is painful."
  • As a business coach, people pay him to torture them.
  • Torture=not pleasant/uncomfortable
  • It's no longer a "should" it's a "must".
  • He has his coaches to keep him accountable.
  • They say eventually he will be addicted to working out and being healthy.
  • You have to have a calendar and a written out plan.
  • Budgeting and time management.