ST58 : Stephen Interviews Chris Wiser

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Chris Wiser Bio 2017

Chris Wiser is the Founder and CEO of The Wiser Agency, a Digital Marketing & Sales Agency based in Austin, Texas.

The Wiser Agency focuses with helping Entrepreneurs grow their businesses through Online Marketing, Advertising and Sales Training.

He has over 20 years of Technology industry experience, along with the past 10 years being Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of Neverfail, a Austin, TX provider of Cloud Services for the Managed Service Provider Industry, and CEO of TechSquad IT, a Milwaukee, WI, provider of technology and network specialist services to small and midsize businesses (SMBs).

As both a public-facing entrepreneur and network specialist, Chris has been featured on The Entrepreneurs Radio Show, School for Startups Radio, SmallBizAmerica Radio and Todays TMJ4, which is Milwaukee’s NBC news affiliate. He has also been profiled in the Milwaukee Business Journal, and the Milwaukee Small Business Times.

Chris is also a best-selling author having published "The Small Business Owners Guide to Stress Free Network Support," and "The Tech Multiplier: The World’s Leading Technology Consultants Reveal In Depth Case Studies of How the Smartest Businesses in the World are Leveraging Technology to Increase Profits and Reduce Waste While Safeguarding Data". Both books feature proven secrets and strategies on how to realize maximum sales and profits.

In September 2013, Chris was the subject of a documentary film titled, “The IT Guy,” which was broadcast worldwide on Biography Channel to multimillion number of viewers. 



ST57 : Stephen Interviews Braden Wallake

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Braden Wallake, an entrepreneur and influencer from Columbus, Ohio. Braden has built a successful 6 figure business in under a year thanks to the power of Instagram. Currently Braden is living the digital nomad life and traveling through Costa Rica while building his empire. Don’t be fooled, despite the fact that he works hard, Braden plays even harder. When he’s not working his favorite activities include hiking, volleyball, soccer, and hanging with his awesome dog, Roscoe.








ST56 : Stephen Interviews Meryl Klemow

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Meryl Klemow is a writer, podcaster, talent booker and animal kisser. Originally from the east coast she graduated from the Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University and worked in the music industry for 11 years before transitioning into a freelance writer for comedy, travel and dining. Some of her favorite career moments include working with the Syracuse Jazz Fest, the Belly Up, Music Box, Birch Aquarium and Liberty Station. You can catch her currently at Tonight in San Diego, her latest podcast Campfire Shit Show or just say hi on social media!



ST55 : Stephen Interviews Jay Wong

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entrepreneur, business advisor, real estate investor and host of The Inner Changemaker; rated #1 Self-Help Podcast on iTunes and is actively listened in 122+ countries worldwide.

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ST54 : Stephen interviews Joshua C. Jackson

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Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, author, motivational speaker and career coach, Joshua Caleb Jackson started his climb to the top of the corporate America ladder with little to no guidance. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree with concentrations in Finance and Marketing at the University of South Florida and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University, this led to many opportunities including analyst, managerial, consultant and directorial positions.

After spending 10 years in corporate America and successfully increasing his yearly salary by $43,000 in just one year, Jackson came up with the idea for his book, How to Pimp Corporate America. By combining his experiences with those of friends and family, Jackson has created the ultimate guide to success in corporate America. Since the inception of How to Pimp Corporate America, Jackson has been featured on ABC News, FOX News, and other media outlets discussing self-taught philosophies mentioned in his book in greater detail. In 2016, Jackson successfully completed a nationwide motivational speaking tour, The Revolutionizing Pimping Tour to 39 states and 88 cities in 6 months inspiring thousands of youth to achieve success in their career endeavors.

On January 9, 2017, Jackson established physical presence of The Corporate Pimp nestled in downtown San Diego at WeWork. Jackson is dedicated to expand his business through the pillars of his business: Career Coaching Consulting, Career Educational Development, and Career Workshop Facilitating.

Jackson currently resides in San Diego, California. You can find Jackson during his leisure time traveling internationally, eating from a myriad of cuisines, or writing literature underneath a sycamore tree. 



ST53: Stephen Interviews Nick Unsworth

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Nick sold a business by 30 years old, coached over 2,551 people, and has consulted clients including: Daymond John from Shark Tank, Mark Divine from Navy, Keller Williams Real Estate, Safeco Insurance and more.



ST53: Stephen Interviews Tammuz Dubnov

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Tammuz Dubnov is the founder and CEO of two startups that he founded before the age of 20. He is a Mathematician, a Computer Scientist and a highly sought after performer in the Dance and Cirque world. He combined his technical expertise with his passion around dance, visual arts, and cinematic arts, in the formation of his companies. He is constantly challenging the barrier between technology and movement in his company Zuzor. He is adding his data-driven approach to challenge storytelling and improve the film industry in his company Scriptonomics. Tammuz is working to take entertainment to the next level using his cutting-edge technologies.

Zuzor is a startup in the Engagement space that offers enhanced shared-experiences for Hospitality, DOOH Advertising, Venues, Entertainment and more. They get people physically engaged which elevate brands and messaging through experience-driven associations. Zuzor combines artistic and technological worlds to deliver unique experiences, dazzling and immersing people by letting their movement shape the space around them -

Scriptonomics is working to revolutionize the filmmaking industry by offering tools and analytics, previously only available to large companies, to everyone. Scriptonomics online system uses advanced Natural Language Processing to evaluate the text of a film script and uses their proprietary Machine Learning and Big Data to model the story of the script and offer predictive analytics. Their tools offer immediate insights and accelerate the filmmaking process from the conception of the script to post-production. 



ST52 : Stephen Interviews Jonny Dupre

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Jonny Dupré graduated with a bachelor’s degree in human development with an emphasis in counseling from California State University San Marcos. Over the past 15 years, Jonny has accumulated a wide array of knowledge on the human mind, cognition, and behavior. He is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of NLP, and Licensed Master Trainer of Hypnosis.



ST51 : Stephen Interviews Brandon Torraco

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I am a business and marketing consultant with a background in software development, UI/UX Development, digital strategy, & organizational leadership. I have an avid interest in business, technology, and entrepreneurship. I am driven by the vision of improving business through strategy and technology. I am certified in professional coaching through I.P.E.C. Certified in Scrum & Agile methodologies through CapGemini and am a Six Sigma Yellow belt. I have an interest in leadership, lean process & digital strategy. I have extensive knowledge and experience in agile software development working with a variety of technologies. Specializing in UI development with experience in full stack ASP.NET MVC and open source, My favorite programming languages are HTML, CSS/LESS, and Javascript (Primarily Node.js, (with Gulp taskrunners), AngularJS & jQuery). I am a responsive design evangelist and expert in all modern UI frameworks including Bootstrap, Foundation, and building Custom frameworks. My purpose is to assist others in achieving success and fulfillment in life and business. I enjoy working with people who are driven, inspired, growth oriented, and it is my goal to help people discover their own unique source of motivation. MY professional goals include driving organizational leadership and inspiring excellence in business.



ST50 : Stephen Interviews Brian Drury

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My name is Brian Drury and I recently turned 25 years old. Like many of you, I was told a story my whole life, a story that went something like this… “Work hard at school, get good grades, go to a good college, get good grades, and then you’ll graduate and get a good job!” Now this seemed like it all made sense, this is what everyone does, this is what you are “supposed to do,” right? What I didn’t realize until I graduated was that this story is incomplete. This story implies that if you follow those steps, follow that simple formula, then after you graduate life is just going to work itself out. That happiness, success, peace, wellness, and everything else you could ever want will just come to you without any effort. As many of you who have graduated already or are about to have realized, this ain’t how it works. When I graduated, I had more questions than answers. I didn’t have a clear sense of who I was, what my next steps would be, or what I really wanted to do with my life. Then I slowly started finding out about the potential that life holds, reading about people who didn’t follow a normal path and are living extraordinary lives as a result. I wondered how they learned what they needed to so they could live their dream lives. That is where the idea for Overcoming Graduation came along. I am a young guy, with big dreams like so many of you out there and I want to learn how to do everything I’ve ever dreamt, I want to inspire others to do the same, and I want us to go on an adventure of creating lives that inspire, motivate, and spread joy to all around us. In this adventure, I will be interviewing incredible people and sharing their stories with you, I will be taking on monthly challenges to try and learn those things that college never taught us, and I will be writing about and sharing information to help you become the person you have always wanted to be, that you know you are meant to be, and that you deserve to be. Each day, each moment, is a blank canvas and a new opportunity for us to get off the path we don’t want to be on, and completely change course towards the life of our dreams. I am excited to go on this adventure with all of you and would love to have recommendations for people to interview, sites to feature, resources to review, books to read, videos to watch, you name it!



ST49: Stephen interviews James Malinchak

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James Malinchak is recognized as one of the most requested, in-demand business and motivational keynote speakers and business marketing consultants in the world. He was featured on the Hit ABC TV Show, Secret Millionaire and was twice named “College Speaker of the Year.” James has delivered over 2,000+ presentations for corporations, associations, business groups, colleges, universities and youth organizations worldwide.



ST48: Stephen Interviews Rommel Cabal

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"My name is Rommel Cabal. Born in the Philippines and raised in San Diego. Electrical Engineering by degree, but my passion is in digital marketing. I help startups and small businesses with their websites and helping them scale through digital marketing. I like to give back to the community by teaching young entrepreneurs about starting a business and pursuing their passions by leveraging their strengths."







ST47: Stephen interviews Lance Growth

In this episode Stephen interviews Lance Growth. Lance is the founder of collective access, a program that teaches kids how to network, and the importance of networking. Collective access meets once monthly, has a charitable event monthly, and has an event where everyone is invited quarterly. The inspiration behind collective access, came when his mentor was tired of Lance just being a boxer, and told him if he applied for college it would be paid for. Collective access has been around for just over a year, and Lance just wanted to give kids the opportunity to live up to their potential. Lance was born on an island just off the Caribbean, and eventually became the main distributer of condoms in St. Lucia. Eventually the government bought out his company, and he moved back to the states. Being twenty-two years old, he spent his money on everything he could, then became a boxer and a mentor. What started him in non-profit work was ice cream for a dream. Now his biggest challenge is keeping young entrepreneurs focused, and remembering that the same tune that got you in the door, can send you out as well. Lance thinks it is important to remember that everyone moves at their own pace, because you cant be the person to bring down your teams by comparing them to others. In the future Lance hopes to digitize philanthropy, but more short term, he hopes to make his programs more consistent, and become a staple in the community. 



ST46: Stephen Interviews Alon David

Going to the store, year after year, looking for a goal planner but never finding it. I wanted a planner that could give me a system that could help me to achieve my goals. Finding planner that would give me the ability to not only achieve my goals but also to plan my day and be able to write down any thoughts that I have. I found blank planners, regular planners, to-do lists, goals planners, but I couldn’t find something that has everything. I wanted something with a system, something that included all of this plus more.
Finally, I decided to just create my own. Making something with a system, something where you could write down thoughts, actions, plans for the day, achieve your goals, and a follow up to see how the day went. The way that this system works is by having a full two-page spread for each day. On the first day your write your top five goals, and each day you write out just what steps you’re going to take in order to become closer to your goal. This section is called the actions sections, I created this section by researching just how successful people become successful. After much research I found that successful people go over their goals more than other people and that’s how they achieve their goals.
Creating my own goal planner has been difficult but I think that being goal oriented, writing out your goals, and the actions that you can take to reach them is one of the most important things to do in life. Without goals, or dreams, the world would be dull and with the 90X Goal Planner you can make your dreams a reality in the next three months


In this episode Stephen interviews Alon David, he moved from Israel around twenty- one years ago. When he came to San Diego he started in construction, went to school, and eventually got his degree. After getting his degree Alon moved into photography, now he has a business with multiple photographers, videographers, and photo booths. Once the construction company went belly up, he started his own business, and that’s what ultimately led to him creating his 90X planners. Alon started working very young, when he was fourteen to be exact, and was always looking for the next opportunity where he could work or what he could do. Now married with four boys, he works from home often when his family is sleeping. If Alon knew what he knew now, he would do everything much faster, just follow his gut and go for it. His wife is what gives him his inspiration and push to keep going, even with as little as three to four hours of sleep a night. But his kids are what inspired the 90X planner, now he wants to bring the [lanner to as many people as possible to help them reach their goals. Currently his planner is in twenty-five retail stores, but hopes to be in one thousand by twenty-eighteen. Alon says the biggest hurtle for people not reaching their goals is not following through. Alon hopes to one day have ultimate freedom, travel when he wants, do what he wants, and be able to give back as much as he can.



ST45: Stephen Interviews Chris Kai

Christopher Kai is an entrepreneur, global speaker, founder of the Gifted Professional Speaker Program – or GPS for short – and an Amazon #1 bestselling author of “Big Game Hunting: Networking with Billionaires, Executives and Celebrities.” He has given over 1,000 presentations to a global audience from 30 countries. His audiences include the U.S. Consulate and Fortune 500 companies like American Express, New York Life and Google. He has been featured on Forbes, ABC News, Fast Company, Huffington Post and Inc. Magazine has referred to him as “the billionaire networker.” He is a former business strategist at American Express. Featured in Forbes, his new GPS online program helps entrepreneurs become what he calls next level networkers. When you position yourself as a speaker you have the best opportunity to find more leads, clients, investors, business partners, and referrals at networking events. Learn about his GPS program or sign up for his newsletter here


In this episode Stephen interviews Chris Kai. His journey began when he got fired for his first full time job after college, due to lack of motivation. Although his parents weren’t very entrepreneurial, he started at the young age of eight during the winter he would shovel snow for cash. He started to realize his potential in business school, where he also went premed. Chris was a student leader, and was told he had a lot of charisma. After school he came to California and wrote his first book, now he feels like he has the gift of speaking, so he should share it with the world. When speaking Chris focuses on making connections with people, mainly with influential people. He also focuses on making your specific brand that comes with speaking. One of the main challenges Chris has had was how young he looked, his mentor told him “Chris it helps to have a few grey hairs”. This really means that other then celebrities, it’s hard to convince people to hire you as an expert, when you look so young. The best advice Chris has to give for new speakers, is just to speak., don’t worry about if it’s perfect or not, just speak as much as you can. When you are practicing make sure to fill you speeches with content that the audience can take home and implement, because that is how you create your price point. Always remember when you’re speaking its about serving your audience, so look for new ways toserve your audience.



ST44 : Stephen interviews Alan Leung

Introverts are normally not thought of as very ambitious. They are usually generalized as computer nerds or engineers. Alan is an introvert, but he is a determined introvert.

Alan Leung was blessed to be born and raised in beautiful Sunny San Diego. H continues to reside in San Diego with his lovely wife Wendy. Alan is the owner and operator of Mobilezilla. Mobilezilla helps serve San Diego by providing two great services: 1 buy used phones, smartwatches, laptops, ipods, tablets, ipads, gopro, kindles and other electronics from the user who no longer wants them. Instead of letting it sit on your desk collecting dust, get cash for your items and you don't have to worry about them anymore. The second service Mobilezilla provides is to repair iphone screens, charge ports, cameras, batteries, sound issues and other things related to the iphones. They also give 90 day warranty on the work they do. What makes them different is they donate 10% of proceeds to benefit The Humane Society and Red Cross.
To further check out Mobilezilla and what they do, visit the website at

For listeners of this podcast mention Stegela when you get your iphone repair through mobilezilla and Alan will give you a free tempered glass upgrade for your iphone.
Mobilezilla provides a great solution to individuals who don't know, or don't want to figure out how to sell their phones and electronics. In some cases, your devices can even be cracked, damaged, water damaged or have no power.

Alan holds a B.S degree in economics as well as a minor in the Chinese Language.
Alan started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 28. He's failed forward many times and now has two profitable businesses from the lessons he's learned throughout his journey. Aside from running his own business, he's also a passive investor in real estate and business opportunities.

Alan first started in this business in 2015. Since then, he's currently doing about 12K a month in revenue with about 40% of that being profit. Prior to running his own business, Alan worked in the insurance industry for 7 years. He also has experience managing a restaurant as he has done so for many years at his families restaurant. Alan spends about 50 hours a week working in the trenches, and another 20 hours working on his craft, working on his mindset and working on ideas. Alan was inspired to get started with Mobilezilla as he knew he wanted to run his own business. He wasn't sure what type of business and accidentally fell into this when. He was shopping for second hand phones for his family, and realized that people selling the phones weren't always upfront and honest. He knew there had to be a better way to do this and to treat the people not only buying but selling these items as well.

Alan and his wife currently do not have any kids, but plan to have some in the near future. They have a lazy loveable King Charles called Au Au, which translates to cow cow.
Aside from business, Alan is passionate about fishing. He loves spending his free time kayak fishing in La Jolla. He also likes to give back by donating time or money to causes that help the enviornment, the red cross, humane societ, the and the homeless.

Alan's Pet Peeve's are when people say one thing, but do something else. He believes that you should always communicate and have the decency to let others know if there are a change of plans.

Alan is bilingual, he speaks English and Chinese. He speaks two different dialects of Chinese, Cantonese and some Mandarin.

Fun Facts about Alan include that he loves to eat, but he also believes in being healthy. His love for food usually wins over but when he's serious about his health, he's all in and doesn't budge. Alan also hates heights and roller coasters. Alan is what you would call a determined introvert.

In todays episode, Stephen interviews Alan Leung also known as the F.U.K (follow up king). Since last time Alan has started a side hustle, now he sells electronics, and other items. Alan not only resells items, but he also fixes Iphone screens, and has a family business. With so much hustle going on, Alan basically plans out his days to a T, He knows what days he has to be at the family business, and works his schedule around that. Its very important when you are so busy to make sure you have good communication, so your customers don’t think you are ignoring them. Something unique about these companies is 10% of their proceeds go to the humane society, and the red cross. Growing up, Alan’s parents tried their hardest to give him and his brothers everything they could. Both Alan’s mom and dad worked full time, and they gave them the work ethic he has today. Alan worked in insurance, but found himself hating his job, then his sister introduced him to network marketing.  A few years after that Alan joined Stephen’s mastermind, and really enjoys the iron sharpening iron environment. One day Alan wants to get a store front, that way he can have employees run things for him, and he could have time to work on other ventures. Alan’s best advice would be to get a mentor, and you don’t need permission from other to get what you want done. 



ST43: Stephen Interviews David Di Giorgio

Davide Di Giorgio is a TEDx Speaker Coach, Founder of the Unapologetic Speakers' Membership Community, and Creator of the Speaker Experience at Sea. As a longtime theater producer, creator, educator, and audacious entrepreneur he takes an UNAPOLOGETIC approach to speaker coaching that shatters the mold of following formulas and blueprints, and has made him the go-to creative expert for on-purpose entrepreneurs and business owners who want to go from being unheard and uncertain to UNFORGETTABLE and UNSTOPPABLE speakers and leaders of their own tribe!

The Unapologetic Speakers' Community >

Everything else will be at my website:

Stephen Interviews Davide Di Giorgio

In this episode Stephen interviews Davide Di Giorgio, going through his life Davide has always been very entrepreneurial. Starting in high school selling cakes and cookies, then moving to theatre and teaching. Although Davide’s parents weren’t entrepreneurial, he says he has always been an entrepreneur. Having this spirit has given him the push to leave his normal job and become an entrepreneur. Davide is originally from Canada, visited on a band trip when he was 16 and decided he was going to live here one day. After he moved to San Diego Davide didn’t have many connections at all. He started going to entrepreneurial events, after a while of going to these events he realized that there weren’t a lot of people who knew how to speak in front of crowds. Now he likes to work with people who have a bigger picture then just making money. The main thing he looks to teach people is to be your true self when you are speaking. Unapologetic basically means don’t apologize for who you are and how you speak. Davide doesn’t care if people identify as a speaker, because everyone is speaker from the day they are born. When people speak and believe what they say, they move people, and that’s what Davide wants people to realize. Now Davide has grown his business to have everything from workshops, a small investment community for help, speaker cruises, all they way to his mastermind that has a waiting list. Davids biggest challenge starting as an entrepreneur, is the community, weather it be not having anyone, or having people who say they are you community but they aren’t. The best thing to remember is that you aren’t for everyonr, and you may not need a community of 7 million, maybe just 700. Davide’s best advice is going to be tell everyone what you are doing, and stay in constant action.



ST42 : Stephen Interviews Ryan Coon

I have enthusiastically developed a passion for hospitality and entertainment management through invaluable job experiences with amusement parks, movie theaters, restaurants, and hotels. A majority of my past work history involves running movie theaters on the East Coast where I happily led multiple teams for over 10 years.  

With the goal of running my own business in the entertainment and hospitality field, I received my Masters degree from the University of Florida's Recreation, Parks, and Tourism program with a Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality Management.  

I am ecstatic to say I am now pursuing my lifelong passion of starting a business that focuses on providing social entertainment at fun events. Switchboard Games was created to offer unique opportunities for folks to effortlessly meet new people while playing board games or creating art on vertical surfaces.  

I am truly excited to be in a position where I have a business idea I am passionate about, the ability to follow this dream, and the privilege of becoming an entrepreneur in San Diego!



ST41 : Stephen Talks About 'Slight Edge'


            In this episode get to know Stephen a little better, as you hear some of his personal struggles.  The topic of today’s podcast is self disciplined, and sticking to your word by turning a big goal into smaller more manageable goal. A common way of dealing with your problems is to say, “I should do this”, by saying I should you are basically giving yourself permission to not follow through.  Instead we are going to say “I must”, I must go to the gym, I must save money, I must wake up early. When you say must you aren’t giving yourself a way out of your goal, but instead forcing yourself to hit that goal.

            There are two main forces that drive people to reach their goals. Either you are being pushed by pressure or stress, or you are being pulled by your goals, or passion. If you cant get yourself to commit to a goal, try forcing yourself to get it done by putting the pressure on yourself.  Give yourself a penalty if you don’t work toward your goal daily, and make it something that you really don’t want to lose. When choosing your accountability buddy make sureto choose someone who is hoping for your victory not hoping you fail and someone that is passionate about you hitting your goal.


·      Key Points

·      Make small goals that will build

·      Don’t say should

·      Driven by pressure, or being pushed

·      Vision is driving force



ST40 : Stephen Talks About Personal Brand

In this episode, Stephen Dela Cruz talk about the importance of personal branding and how to create a personal brand. Send your questions to

What is a personal brand, and how does it help your business grow? Today Stephen talks about how to build a personal brand that works for you.  When building a personal brand think beyond just a logo, your brand should invoke some emotion to anyone that sees it.  Try to think of what emotion you want people to feel when they think of your brand, what smells do you want people to remind them of your brand, what sights, what tastes? Think back to a bad experience you had at a business, even if that company employs thousands of people, do you associate that company with the employee that gave you bad service?  When you have a personal brand it helps people know, like, and trust you, which will help your endorsement, go a longer way.

            People buy for three reasons, price, the product, and the person selling or endorsing it. Imagine if you have a inferior product, and a decent price, this is where having a personal brand comes into play. If the costumer feels like they know like and trust you they will be more likely to buy that product from you.

            How do you plan on building your personal brand?  Most people think of social media i.e. Facebook, twitter, or even a blog. Some people don’t think of podcasts, or think they think podcasts don’t fit them. Podcasts are huge tool for you to use to build your personal brand, because you are talking to the audience directly. This gives people the feeling that they are getting to know you. This is so important because when people feel like they know you they start to trust you and your company more. People are more likely to listen to podcast then to sit down in front of a computer and watch videos.

            What is attraction marketing? When you are marketing is all about trying to attract people to your business, sometimes this can go wrong. Examples of not attracting people to your business would be spam marketing. When you are constantly trying to reach out to people it can annoy people. Now when people think of your brand they think of how irritated they get when you are trying to reach out to them.

            The most important thing to think about when building a personal brand is making connections, invoking feeling, and how you want your brand to be received.